World leader in deceleration technology!
Miniature to heavy-duty shock absorbers and gas springs.

Disc rotor pump technology resistant to chemicals and abrasives.

Linear pumps, rotary vane compressors, regenerative blowers, diffusers, accessories and more.

Check, flow-control and needle valves from 1/8 inches to 1 inch.

Manufacturer of digital feedback air cylinders.

Non-repairable, stainless-steel or aluminum air cylinders to 3 in. bores.

Filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories. Sintered bronze and speed control mufflers. Breather vents. Refrigeration, regenerative and desiccant air dryers.

Motorized combustion control valves for fuel, gas and oil.

Pressure and vacuum gauges for commercial, test and oilfield applications including liquid filled. Steel, stainless steel and phenol cases. Pressure switches and transmitters.

Repairable cylinders in brass, stainless steel or aluminum for air pressures to 200 PSI and hydraulic pressures to 1,000 PSI, 3/4 in. to 3 in. bores.

Manual, pilot, and solenoid, aluminum and stainless steel, 2-, 3- and 4-way valves. Speed control, check, shuttle and quick-exhaust valves. Valves and electronics for serial bus applications.

Welded construction, cylinders in single acting, double acting or telescopic types.

Directional control valves, electrohydraulic proportional valves, and electronics. Poly Stac and in-line check, flow, and pressure control valves to 100 GPM and 3500 PSI.
Integrated hydraulic circuits. Piston and vane pumps. Power units.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) MPUS 12 to 80 points, Drives 0 to 300 hp, Human Machine Interface (HMI) display sizes 5.7 in. and 10.4 in.. A/C servo systems for positioning, speed and tourque control, all in one. Temperature controllers, DTA, DTB and DTC.

Relief valves and other pneumatic valves.

A high quality line of vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology designed to meet the challenging applications of OEMs and end-users, worldwide.

2-way and 3-way solenoid valves for general and process control purposes.

Engineered solutions for pneumatic applications. Solenoid, pilot and manual valves in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way. Electronics for serial bus applications.

Featuring an oil-less rocking piston series that is ideal for applications where low noise and long life are key requirements.

Sales of lubrication systems, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, electrostatic equipment, electrical equipment, fluid control equipment, environmental equipment and related products.

Filters, regulators and lubricators. Air-line filters for water vapor, oil vapor and particle removal to 2 in. NPT, 800 CFM. Desiccant air dryers.

Air and medium duty hydraulic cylinders including tie-rod and non-tie-rod types.

Pneumatic quick-connect couplers. Ultra flow sizes to 1 1⁄4 in. NPT and 25 mm metric, both in brass or steel. Thermoplastic couplers also available. Pressures to 230 PSI. Single and double shut-off and dripless. Blow guns, flex joints and coil tubings.

Low-speed, high-torque motors. Shaft and wheel types of single or variable speeds to 300 rpm with continuous pressure ratings to 6,500 PSI; torques to 45,000 lb.-ft. ( Oklahoma distribution only).

Hydraulic filters for high, medium and low pressure applications. In-tank return lines, duplex and spin-on types.

Quick release couplings for hydraulic fluids, high pressure water, steam, gasses and compressed air applications. Pressures to 6,250 PSI. Available in brass, steel and stainless steel. Sizes to 2 in. NPT. Self sealing and pressure eliminator couplers. Swivel joints and measuring systems.

Low-speed, high-torque motors to 300 hp, 2-speed motors and wheel motors. Planetary, single and multistage gearboxes to 130,000 ft-lbs.

Hydraulic Equipment: Pneumatically operated liquid pumps
and power units for oil and water, to 70,000 PSI. Pneumatic Equipment: Air boosters to 750 PSI. Gas boosters to 20,000 PSI.


Linear pumps, rotary vane compressors, regenerative blowers, water pumps, control panels, diffusers, accessories and more.


Hydraulic Equipment: Linear pumps, rotary vane compressors, regenerative blowers, water pumps, control panels, diffusers, accessories and more.
 Pneumatic Equipment: NFPA cylinders to 250 PSI and 14 in. bore. Clamping cylinders to 1 1⁄8 in.


Gear reducers: planetary, helical, spiral bevel, hypoid, and worm types. Acme screw linear actuators.


Heat exchangers: water to oil and air to oil for industrial, mobile and process applications.